Wake up, Brother Printer!

I’m rather proud that I own a decent printer. It’s a Brother printer, and I’m hopeful that’s someone’s last name. Because not once have I felt a kinship with my printer.

Until the other day when Brother Printer was sleeping. He was sleeping oh so soundly. I very much wished for him to wake up and spew forth a page with black ink on it.

The tiny message box read: Deep Sleep

Okay fine, Brother Printer. We all deserve a little rest now and then. Maybe even a “deep sleep.”

But, what about when I need you? Like, NOW?

Do I poke and prod you? I press all your buttons but to no avail.

Deep Sleep.

You know? It becomes insulting. My technology sleeps harder than I do.

Then I wisen up and Google. Clackety-clack.

Top search result: Fix Brother Printer Stuck in Sleep Mode

Well, needless to say, I figured it out. I adjusted the settings. Here’s hoping Brother Printer won’t fall asleep on the job again.

Meanwhile, I’ve been in a deep sleep. Sister Johanna has been dozing, reluctant to spew forth black ink on paper.

But now I’m awakening.

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